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VIP Information

If you purchased a VIP package or VIP upgrade that we are fulfilling the following information will be helpful.

VIP Check-In Times

If you purchased a VIP package that includes a Q&A, soundcheck, photo op, or side stage experience the VIP portion of your event will take place before or after the show. We send an email to the original purchaser with all the details needed to parti

VIP Merchandise

Most of our VIP packages include an exclusive merchandise item or bundle. There are two ways to receive your merchandise; either at the VIP event or after your show date. You will be notified of the method when you receive your VIP check-in email. Pl

VIP Photos

If you purchased a VIP package that includes a photo there are two methods we will use to fulfill this part of the package. Your VIP check-in email will detail whether your photo will be taken on your phone or by the on-tour photographer. If your pho


Our most frequently asked questions are below:. Please note, information on FAQs is subject to change. What is the difference between a VIP Package and VIP upgrade?. I already have a concert ticket but I want to upgrade it to VIP. Can I do that?. I'm