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Who We Are

We are a collective of software engineers, record industry professionals, event managers, graphic designers, support specialists, guitar players, drummers, vinyl collectors, pizza enthusiasts, and music nerds. Together we’ve built a beautiful beast c

Why Are You Contacting Me?

Our company sells VIP Music Experiences, Fan-Club Memberships, and Artist Merchandise. If we contact you via email or text it is because you purchased something directly from us or you purchased something we service through a 3rd party. If you purcha

What Did I order From

We sell VIP Music Experiences, Fan-Club Memberships, and Artist Merchandise. If you placed an order with a music artist we work with, the charge on your card will say

Contacting Our Customer Success Team

We're here to help. Q: How do I get in contact with someone from your company if I have questions regarding my order or a potential purchase?. A: Our customer success team is available Monday through Friday from 7am PST - 5pm PST. You can email us at

Contacting Our Clients

Answers to common questions we get regarding our clients. Q: How do I get in contact with one of your clients?. A: Unfortunately, we aren't able to help you with this type of request because we are not permitted to publish or share the personal conta

Guest Code Of Conduct

Here at Please & Thank You, we know that if you are reaching out to us, it’s more than likely something has not gone as planned. Whether it was for an experience that was not what you were expecting or missing merchandise, our Customer Success team i

Errors On Our Site/Newsletter Concerns

We manage a collective of websites and communication for our clients. There is a possibility that you will see an incorrect tour date or spelling error on one of our sites. We always appreciate the heads up so please reach out to our customer success