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Contacting Our ClientsUpdated a year ago

Answers to common questions we get regarding our clients.

Q: How do I get in contact with one of your clients?

A: Unfortunately, we aren't able to help you with this type of request because we are not permitted to publish or share the personal contact information of any of our clients or their representatives.

You may attempt to direct message any of our clients via social media if they accept correspondence through those methods.

Q: I want to send my favorite artist something. How do I do that?

A: If your favorite artist is one of our clients, you are more than welcome to send the letter or gift to our office. We will try to pass along your item to the artist but it is not guaranteed. Any letters or gifts will be opened upon delivery to ensure they are not dangerous or offensive.

Q: How do I request an autograph from my favorite artist?

A: We would suggest reaching out to the artist directly on their official social media pages! Someone from their team or maybe the artist themselves might see your message and make it happen.

Unless we have signed merchandise for sale in one of our online stores, we wouldn't be able to assist with this type of request.

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