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ALFC Status Page

The community is operational. Any scheduled maintenance or incident reports will be added below:. 8/12/22- There was an issue this week and some members were unable to access their direct messages. This has been fixed as of today. Thank you for your

New Memberships

How does the new membership to ALFC work?. When you sign up as an ALFC member you receive access to the community and are able to interact with other Glamberts, get presale info, purchase exclusive merchandise, and participate in contests, campaigns,

Old Memberships

How do I redeem the time left on my old membership?. On 1/28/22 we sent out emails to paid members with directions on how to redeem their subscriptions in the new community. If you received this email but did not activate your membership and are look

Subscription Type

How do I switch from monthly to yearly billing?. If you are currently paying for a membership you can change your subscription type in your account:  1. Click on your profile icon on the top-right and select Member billing2. The "Subscriptions" tab w

Payment Methods

Which payment methods do you accept for recurring payments?. Please note that for now, we are only able to accept debit and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) as payment for ALFC subscriptions. This includes gift cards with the logo of a major c


How do I update my notifications?. You choose how to be notified about activity on the site and whether or not you want to receive our weekly digest email. You can update your settings at any time here.