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Renewing A Backstreet Army MembershipUpdated 4 months ago

Our memberships are set up as auto recurring renewals. This means your membership will be paid automatically either monthly or yearly depending on which subscription you chose during the sign up process*. If you are unsure of your renewal details, please log into your account and select the billing option from the drop down menu on the top right corner under your initials.

You can view the card you have on file, the renewal date, and subscription type. There is no easy way to renew your membership before the renewal date. Make sure your payment details are up to date so there are no issues when the system runs your card. If your payment doesn't go through, your membership will automatically be canceled.

*Some fan clubs only offer yearly or monthly and do not have an option for both.

If you previously canceled your Backstreet Army membership or it was canceled due to incorrect payment and would like to renew it, please follow the steps below

  • Go to the fan club JOIN page here.
  • Select the option ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT? SIGN IN.
  •  Please do not re-enter all of your information on this page. It will not let you renew this way.
  • Use the SIGN IN page that you just selected to log in.
  • You should be taken to a paywall.
  • Enter your payment information.

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