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Melissa Etheridge VIP PackagesUpdated 11 days ago

Purchase a VIP Upgrade

VIP packages will be available for select Melissa Etheridge tour dates. You can purchase your VIP package here.

*Please note that the 3/15/24 and 3/30/24 dates offer a VIP Upgrade only and that does not include a concert ticket to the show. You must have a concert ticket to participate in the VIP Experience if you purchase an upgrade.

Etheridge Nation Fan Club VIP Upgrades

In addition to VIP packages being sold attached to concert tickets, we'll be offering a limited number of VIP Photo-Op Upgrades that will be available exclusively to Etheridge Nation members. Please remember a concert ticket is REQUIRED in order to attend the VIP portion of each event, so make sure you grab a ticket before purchasing your upgrade. You can purchase a VIP upgrade here.

Not a member? Join HERE today!

Gift an Etheridge Nation Fan Club VIP Upgrade

If you would like to gift an upgrade to a friend, you can make the purchase as usual. When you receive the ticket via email you will need to register the attendee. Enter the recipient's information and they will be all set for the event!

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